New Mexico Backroads- The Images of Jake Quinones


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Jake Quinones has been familiar with backcountry travels since childhood. Some of his earliest memories include riding shotgun in his Dad’s Bronco while skirting the Gila Wilderness and sleeping under the stars in Alaska’s Denali National Park. The many trips his father took him on as a youth sparked his interest in the great outdoors. As a teenager, Jake’s passion for adventure grew as he wandered the rugged backcountry of Southern New Mexico by mountain bike. These solo rides provided the framework for his desire to live an adventurous life.

Today, Jake’s yearly travels include remote areas of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona; traversing thousands of miles of open road. He returns from these adventures with raw images that portray spectacular scenery and stories. Jake’s passion for pushing his vehicle, skill and equipment to the edge is depicted in his exploration photography. Whether he is traversing rugged canyon bottoms or waiting for the dusk light on the open desert plains, his skill in expressing emotions through his subjects reflect his deep connection with the Southwest. Jake brings a unique perspective into his photography aimed at evoking the human desire to explore.